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Hybridizing Daylilies

I didn't plan to get into hybridizing daylilies, I just wanted to leave that for the experts and I'd content myself with collecting and selling what other hybridizers were developing. Then, international hybridizer Ted Petit and his wife Susan, visited my garden and told me I needed to hybridize. I have been working on a few plants every year and usually get 100 to 200 seeds. Because my property is extremely rocky that's about all I can handle for space to plant new plants because it takes weeks to prepare a new bed. Daylilies are very easy to hybridize.

CANCELLED - Oceans of Iris: The 2020 Society for Japanese Irises Convention

We are thrilled that the Society for Japanese Irises will be holding their 2020 convention at the Holiday Inn in Truro, Nova Scotia this summer. Mark the dates now and send in your registration! July 17th & 18th. Our gardens at Harbour Breezes will be on tour along with 2 other gardens, so get your registration in to reserve your place on the bus! Visitors will be attending from Canada, the US, Australia and more. Download and print off a registration form and schedule.

There will be 3 Nova Scotia gardens featured as tour gardens on Saturday, July 18th.


With the cold winter and cooler spring temperatures that we have been experiencing along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore this year, peak bloom has been delayed by about 2 weeks. Japanese irises are just starting to open, with 99% not open as of July 15th. We expect peak bloom for the Japanese irises to run from July 22nd to July 31st. However, all of our Japanese irises have been moved to new beds in preparation for the Society for Japanese Irises summer convention in 2020. Therefore, we have few in stock to sell.

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