About Us

About Us


Harbour Breezes Daylilies is located in Salmon River Bridge, on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore about ten kilometers east of Musquodoboit Harbour at 10099 Hwy #7 (approx. 45 minutes east of metro Halifax). The gardens are on a south facing hillside with beautiful views overlooking the eastern arm at the head of Jeddore Harbour. The steep hillside protects the gardens from northern winds, and its south-facing (climate zone 6a/5b) position is also moderated by the close proximity to the ocean.










Our gardens begin growth early in the spring but slow during the summer due to fog, cloud cover and cool overnight temperatures. Additionally, freeze-thaw cycles in winter and early spring can damage some of the more tender daylilies. Cooler summer temperatures can negatively affect heat-sensitive varieties like many doubles, as well as blooms with thickly crimped edges or toothed daylilies. Due to a lack of snow cover and harsh freeze-thaw cycles, we believe the varieties of daylilies that we sell are very hardy.








With the purchase and development of a neighbouring property, we now have three acres to landscape, and to grow plants. Development of the property is ongoing and will be for the foreseeable future. Pathways, rock walls, and stairways lead visitors in and out of a variety of formal, semi-formal, Japanese style and eclectic gardens. Beside daylilies, other perennials, shrubs, sculptures, garden structures, and buildings add to the interest of the garden. We are also trying our hand at raising honeybees.








We grow over 750 varieties of daylilies and add new ones every year. We are also amateur hybridizers with a few hundred of our own seedlings and a couple of our own registrations starting in 2011.  We have a wide cross-section of daylily cultivars, encompassing singles, doubles, spiders and unusal forms.  Hybridizers represented within the cultivars are mainly from areas with similar climates.  We use no chemical fertilizers to grow our daylilies.   


















Additionally, we are growing and beginning to sell from approximately 100 varieties of Japanese Irises. They are a relatively unknown plant in Canada with very few garden centres offering more than a couple of varieties. We are pleased to offer one of the best selections of Japanese Irises in Canada.











The gardens open the second week of May until the first week of September each year. Our sales shop reopens in mid November until December 24th for the holiday season. We offer dark brandy fruitcake, Christmas wreaths and interior/exterior arrangements as well as a variety of other items.











The gardens are open daily all season and we welcome visitors and groups to tour the gardens. Japanese Irises are usually in peak bloom during the last two weeks of July. Peak bloom for the daylilies is the last week of July and the 1st two weeks of August. Please wear hiking footwear.












Owner Allan Banks, his partner Shane, or one of our friendly staff members are always ready to make your visit enjoyable and informative. We won’t even need to convince you to make a purchase – the flowers usually do that for us!