Growing Daylilies

Daylilies are a very hardy perennial that are also easy to grow.  We would like to share some tips that may help you to grow them even better.  Daylilies love full sun, so if you plant them in the shade don't expect them to be great performers.  They need at least 4-6 hours of sun each day.  If you have them planted in the shade you can expect fewer flower blooms and they will be slow to increase into nice sized clumps.  Additionally, if you have a variety that is not particularly hardy it may not gain enough energy over the summer to carry it through the winter. 

The culture of daylilies in Nova Scotia is affected by climate and microclimates throughout the various regions of the province.  Proximity to the ocean can warm a region in winter and cool it in the summer.   Areas inland tend to have more days with sun and more heat.  Coastal regions can have more fog which can negatively impact the growth of the plant.  This is not too say that you can't grow them in foggy coastal areas, but simply that the growing conditions are different.  My coastal garden is often two weeks behind other daylily gardens in the province when it comes to peak bloom season. 

Following is a powerpoint presentation that outlines the various geographic regions of the province, the growing conditions and some daylily gardens in those regions.