Water Views From The Garden

Often we have visitors who comment about the wonderful view of Jeddore Harbour from our hillside gardens.  We thought we'd share a few photos with you.  Please enjoy the slideshow that follows!




Harbour in the distance
Daylilies with a view
Iris above the harbour
iris with a view
flowering crab
spring poppies and salt spray
towards the Marina
double rainbow
view1 from the tower vineyard
view2 from the tower vineyard
view3 from vineyard
view4 from tower vineyard
view5 from tower vineyard
view6 from tower vineyard
view from vineyard prep
looking east before pond
east before pond
1 arm of jeddore hbr
beyond the shop
looking southwest to marina
from the log cabin
looking out to sea
poppies and sea
view of the hbr
crabapple view
Tower gazebo water view
View from above the tower
Jeddore Harbour from above the tower.
parking alley cleared looking towards tower & Jeddore Harbour
New deck on the tower viewing the harbour
View from the new tower deck