Tardy Hardy Flower Party

Tardy Hardy Flower Party

Tardy Hardy Flower Party

This daylily is the result of crossing 2 seedlings which I no longer grow. Sometimes the offspring are an improvement in many ways over the parents.  The parents are (Lady Bandit x Magnify the Lord) x (El Desperado x Dragon Flight11). The flower on this daylily opens well even after cool nights and and the scapes have 2-3 way branching and an excellent average bud count of 25 per scape.The light cream colour of the flower is accentuated by the dark wine eye and edge. It starts blooming in midseason and because of the high bud count it blooms later into the season. I named it 'Tardy Hardy Flower Party' first of all because it starts to bloom later in the season, thus the word tardy. There are some similar or even better looking cultivars on the market but they haven't proved themselves hardy in my climate, unlike this daylily which is very hardy. Because it has a high bud count and very good branching, an established clump in bloom does look like a wonderful flower party! If you're looking for a flower that opens well, blooms later in the season and has blooms for many weeks, and that is also a very hardy plant, then this one is for you! Double Fan (DF) $45.00

List price: $45.00
Price: $45.00


  • Banks


  • 2020


  • 28 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

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  • Single

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