Tarantulas on Telephone Poles

Tarantulas on Telephone Poles

Tarantulas on Telephone Poles

This daylily has a dark burgundy purple flower. A large golden yellow throat is surrounded by a chalky blue/gray chevron pattern halo that is not always visible. The yellow throat has a starburst effect on the petals and sepals.  A white pencil-line edge surrounds the petals and sepals. From a distance, the very large (8") dark flowers are reminiscent of giant spiders. When in bloom, the plant stands out because the scapes are 48" tall. It towers above most of the other daylilies and truly resembles 'Tarantulas On Telephone Poles'. It is a Pinched Crispate Unusual Form Daylily. If you are looking for a tall, dark, and handsome flower that opens well and looks good in the middle or back of a garden bed, this one should serve that purpose well. It is a very hardy plant. 'Divine Inspiration' x 'Super Model'. $18 Double Fan

List price: $18.00
Price: $18.00


  • Banks


  • 2016


  • 48 inches


  • M


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

Flower Form: 

  • Unusual Form

Flower Size: