Regal Diva's Eyeshadow

Regal Diva's Eyeshadow

Regal Diva's Eyeshadow

Regal Diva's Eyeshadow is a plum colour with a lighter slate mauve watermark. The green throat turns to pale yellow as it extends outward toward the watermark. The flower has pale cream raised midribs and there is a narrow, creamy white edge surrounding the petals and sepals. The scapes have 2-3 way branching and an average of 20 buds. It has been a very hardy plant with 'Forever The Optimist' as the pod parent and 'Supermodel' as the pollen parent. This is another very good daylily for extending the bloom season as it blooms mid-late and has a very healthy bud count that provides blooming over a long period of time. At 41 inches tall and with a large flower, it has proven to be a good plant for the middle or back of the landscape. $25 DF (Double Fan)

List price: $25.00
Price: $25.00


  • Banks


  • 2018


  • 41 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

Flower Form: 

  • Single

Flower Size: