Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle

The pink triangle pointing down was used to mark homosexuals in German prison camps starting around 1933-34. Thousands of homosexuals were incarcerated and it is estimated that 40-60% of those incarcerated died. After the war, many were re-incarcerated because they were homosexual. During the 1970's the pink triangle pointing down became a symbol of solidarity among many groups in the Queer community and what had once been used as a symbol of shame was used with pride in an effort to push back against a society that scorned homosexuality. The AIDS activist organization, Act Up, used the pink triangle pointing upwards. In the 1980's the West German government began to acknowledge the mistreatment of gays during Nazi Germany and apologized to the gay community in 2002. Although many countries around the world have moved to entrench gay rights and offer protection against discrimination based on sexuality/sexual identity, the heartbreaking reality is that many countries are still very repressive against members of the Queer community. Worldwide, discrimination and incarceration and even the death penalty for members of the LGBTQ+ community continue. Therefore, I wanted to name this daylily 'Pink Triangle' in an effort to stand in solidarity with the struggles worldwide for the LGBTQ+ community. The triangular shape of the flower and especially the triangular yellow throat of this beautiful pink daylily make it an excellent choice for the name. This daylily results from a cross made between Ontario hybridizer Brian Culver's 'Inspiration Rd.' and my 2016 introduction 'Lavender Space Journey' (incidentally, both hybridizers are members of the LGBTQ+ community). I had many seedlings from this cross but all of the other seedlings came out as lavender flowers and this was the only one that was an obvious pink. It is a full sibling to my 2020 introduction 'Bitonal Symphony'. The plant is a very hardy dormant and the flowers open well in all weather conditions. At 30" tall and with a 6.5" flower it's not easily overlooked in the garden. It has 4-5 way branching on the scapes and a really good average bud count of 20 buds per scape. This is another one of my plants that begins blooming in the mid-late season, so it will add colour to the garden when the flush of midseason bloomers begins to decline. This daylily should appeal to people for many reasons. Double fan (DF) $55.00

List price: $55.00
Price: $55.00


  • Banks


  • 2020


  • 30 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

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  • Single

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