Orange You a Great Guy

Orange You a Great Guy

Orange You a Great Guy

For this daylily I crossed my introduction 'Lloyd's Hillendale Sunrise' with 'Last Fool Standing' and I got a large number of very hardy seedlings. After several years of evaluation all the other seedlings were gotten rid of until the best one remained. 'Orange You a Great Guy' was that seedling. This daylily is named to honour Luke Bedell, a young employee who worked for me for 5 years. Luke epitomzed great work ethic and quietly distinguished himself as a very loyal employee. Over the years he demonstrated great dedication to his job and to our business. After leaving our business he gained experience in several not-for profit and small businesses and followed a degree in business at Acadia University. He now runs his own business and works for a major accounting and payroll business. Since high school Luke was also very involved in Rugby, where he excelled provincially, playing for the local clubs but also being 1 of 2 students from Nova Scotia chosen to play on the Atlantic team. He continues to be involved with his community team here in Nova Scotia. Luke is a very bright haired ginger and I found it interesting that his favorite daylily colour is orange. So naturally, when it came to honour him with a daylily he was pretty keen on it being an orange one.  The flower is a medium orange colour with a yellow throat that has hints of green at the base of the throat. There is a very showy dark red orange triangular eye. There is a thin dark orange line around the edges of the consistantly ruffled petal edges. This daylily lives up to its name! It has 4-5 way branching on most scapes and has one of the best bud counts of any daylilies that I have introduced so far, with many scapes having over 25 buds per scape. Although the daylily is listed as an early midseason cultivar, because it has so many blooms, its blooming period extends into the beginning of late season. As a midsized plant it will fit into most gardens easily. If you're looking to brighten up an area of your garden with 4-6 weeks of blooms, this is a great plant to fill that need. Double Fan (DF) $40.00

List price: $40.00
Price: $40.00


  • Banks


  • 2020


  • 29 inches


  • EM


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

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  • Single

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