Karen of the Lake

Karen of the Lake

Karen of the Lake

This Unusual Form (Pinched Crispate) daylily is a very hardy evergreen, like its sibling Gail Guye. It is named to honour my friend, garden helper, and lover of daylilies, Karen Patterson. Since Gail and Karen are very good friends, it is appropriate that their daylilies are siblings from a cross of 'Lupita Vindaz' x 'Websters Pink Wonder'. The flowers are held just above the foliage and it blooms during the mid-late season. The flower is a dark rose pink self. There is a soft yellow star-shaped throat. A large, light violet eye zone encloses the yellow throat, which in turn is encircled by a darker rose red line on the petals and sepals. The violet area and red line are more obvious in the early morning. This violet eye zone melds into the surrounding dark rose pink tepals as the day progresses. Sections of the outer edges of the sepals and petals have a lighter coloured edge. This edge appears as cream on some flowers and as light pink on sections of other flowers. 13 buds with 3-4 way branching. $16DF (Double Fan)

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Price: $16.00


  • Banks


  • 2015


  • 33 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Evergreen

Flower Form: 

  • Unusual Form

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