Etched Mahogany

Etched Mahogany

Etched Mahogany

This daylily has been a standout for visitors to the garden and for those who have seen photos of it.  One of the parents is a seedling of mine that has a unique coloration. Unfortunately, that plant has not been hardy enough to register and distribute in my gardening zone. However, I believed that its gene pool carried distinctive qualities that were worth trying to capture, but I needed to breed hardiness into the offspring. After analyzing what might preserve the unique coloration of the seedling but also add hardiness, I crossed the seedling with 'Mahogany Belle' using both plants as pod parents but I only got seeds from (Spirit Zone x Gavin Petit) x 'Mahogany Belle' and not from the reverse cross. I need to explore this cross further but sometimes work gets in the way! From the seed that I got 'Etched Mahogany' stood out as a hardier plant than its pod parent, but it also preserved some of the unique coloration from that parent. The flower is a reverse bitone burnt orange mahogany with a very dark, almost black etched eye. There are hints of green in the golden yellow throat and a starburst effect with the dark, etched lines from the eye. The petal colour becomes lighter toward the edges and there is a pencil line darker edge on the petals that has a secondary rim of light cream on the outer extremity of the petal edges. The petals are also slightly ruffled. The flower appearance can change slightly from day to day and in different amounts of heat but it remains a standout unique flower. If you're looking for something a little different, this daylily may appeal to you. In addition, it is a mid-late season bloomer so it will help to extend the bloom season in your garden. It has an average bud count of 14 with 3-4 way branching on the scapes. Double fan (DF) $58.00

List price: $58.00
Price: $58.00


  • Banks


  • 2020


  • 32 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Semi-Evergreen

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  • Single

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