Coastal Dawn

Coastal Dawn

Coastal Dawn

'Coastal Dawn' was named by the men in the community choir in which I sing, Coastal Voices Men's Choir All of the proceeds from the sale of this plant goes to support the choir. The colours in 'Coastal Dawn' are reminiscent of the colours of the sky in the early morning hours just before daybreak, especially in winter. 'Coastal Dawn' has a large lilac rose flower that opens very well. There is a slightly green throat that turns to a strong lemon yellow colour. The yellow throat is encircled by a dark purple eye. The dark purple colour of the eye is also visible around the edge of the petals. The outer edge of the petals has a lighter cream colour that encloses the dark purple. The petals have tight crimping all the way around with some larger ruffles. The scapes have 3-5 way branching and up to 25 buds per scape. Since it has a high bud count, as an established clump it tends to bloom up to 5 weeks. The cross was between my 2014 introduction 'Jodi DeLong' and Don Longton's, 'Forever The Optimist'; making it a truly Nova Scotian daylily!  $26 Double Fan 

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  • Banks


  • 2016


  • 38 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Semi-Evergreen

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  • Single

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