The 2023 catalogs for daylilies and Japanese irises have been updated and we are accepting orders at this time for the 2023 season. Canadian orders can be made online through the website. We are also able to accept orders to the USA, however, any US orders should be emailed to us for processing as they cannot be made through the website. USING THE CATALOG: The website catalog is fully searchable. If you're looking for a specific hybridizer just click on the box under hybridizer and choose the name from the drop down menu. If you're looking for a daylily that blooms at a specific time of the year click on the box under season. The codes are as follows: EE=extra early; E=early; EM=early mid-season; M=mid-season; ML=mid-late season; L=late; VL=very late. For my garden ths runs from mid June to mid October but it will vary based on individual climates.