Cherry Blossom Discovery

Cherry Blossom Discovery

Cherry Blossom Discovery

This daylily has a stunningly beautiful clear-coloured dark rose pink flower with a large dark wine eye. It has gentle ruffles around the petals and to a lesser degree around the sepals. The dark wine colour of the eye surrounds the outside of the petals and an additional light cream, pencil-line edge is also visible on the outside rim of the petals. A large green throat enhances the deep wine colour of the eye. Narrow raised ridges extend from the throat out towards the eye, and dark wine veins extend in a starburst fashion from the throat, creating a light wine shadow as it joins to the darker main eye. The scapes have 3-4 way branching and it has an excellent bud count usually from 18-25 buds. In my garden the flower is larger than either of its parents' blooms ('Cherry Lane' x 'Loaves and Fishes'). I have been growing this daylily successfully in my garden for more than 5 years. However, it is an evergreen and I do not recommend moving it or dividing it in late summer or fall. If you need to move it, I would stick to springtime division. Once established it is a great plant. My daylily friend and fellow hybridizer Ed Kimball, noticed it growing in my garden and brought it to my attention as I had overlooked it. Therefore, I named it Cherry Blossom Discovery. $28 Double Fan

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Price: $28.00


  • Banks


  • 2016


  • 33 inches


  • M


  • Tetraploid


  • Evergreen

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  • Single

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