Bill Wilgenhof

Bill Wilgenhof

Bill Wilgenhof

This daylily is out of my registration 'Mary E. Banks' as the pod parent and 'Flying Trapeze' as the pollen parent. Both parents are very northern hardy daylilies and they bring those genetics into this offspring. As well, 'Flying Trapeze' continues to pass on unique designs in many of its offspring, which is the case with 'Bill Wilgenhof'. The flower opens well even after cool nights and is a dark rose pink flower with a chalky pink notched watermark and a green throat that brightens to yellow as the throat emerges outward on the petals. There is a bit of a white edge on the petals, especially on hotter days as the flower fades slightly over the course of the day. The plant has good branching which separates multiple blooms nicely when it forms a clump. The bud count of 18 is fairly high so it will give a fairly long season of bloom, often to the end of August or beyond in my garden. I am pleased to name this one after another Nova Scotian plant person.  Bill Wilgenhof and his wife Sharon Bryson, have run Willow Garden in Antigonish for many years and he was a founding member of the Antigonish Garden Club. He has always been willing to share his gardening knowledge over the years and he has done that for many of his 97 years! Over those years he has grown many seedlings from seeds that he obtained. This included many azaleas and rhododendrons but also a huge array of other garden plants, including daylilies! Often, these plants were shared with other gardeners. I am pleased to name this daylily after a person who was generous with sharing plants and his knowledge about gardening with other gardeners and aspiring gardeners. At 32" tall and 5.25" flowers it will show off nicely once established in the garden.                                       $35 DF (Double Fan)

List price: $35.00
Price: $35.00


  • Banks


  • 2019


  • 45 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

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  • Single

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