Arcturus Embers

Arcturus Embers

Arcturus Embers

It is difficult to get a photo that truly represents the burnt orange and red tones of 'Arcturus Embers'. The coloration is unique and it is a rare reverse bitone with copper orange ruffled petals and red orange sepals. There is a darker burnt orange/red eye and a green/yellow throat. Many guests to the garden commented on the unique coloration of this daylily and expressed their hope that I would register it one day. It is named after the star Arcturus which is known as an orange star. The multiple layers of orange tone colours made me also think of embers as a fire dies down, thus the name 'Arcturus Embers'. This daylily originates from a cross between one of my seedlings (Flying Trapeze x Heavenly United We Stand) as the pod parent and 'Red Volunteer' as the pollen parent. If you're looking for a daylily that will stand out in your garden and draw the attention of onlookers, this is that daylily. It is classified as an Unusual Form Pinched Crispate. Another great quality of this daylily is that it helps to extend the daylily bloom season in the garden and blooms (mid-late) August into September in my coastal Nova Scotia garden. It really has to be seen to be appreciated as a stand-out daylily. $55.00 DF (Double Fan)

List price: $55.00
Price: $55.00


  • Banks


  • 2022


  • 38 inches


  • ML


  • Tetraploid


  • Dormant (deciduous)

Flower Form: 

  • Unusual Form

Flower Size: